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[Efficiency and safety of antiretroviral treatment among the elderly in Abidjan] 2010 Tanon AK, Binan Y, Minta D, Ehui E, Ouattara I, Mossou C, Kouakou G, Eholié SP, Aoussi E, Bissagnéné E Mali Med 25(1):37-41
[Human African trypanosomiasis in mangrove epidemiologic area; Presentation, diagnosis and treatment in Guinea, 2005-2007] 2010 Vanhecke C, Guevart E, Ezzedine K, Receveur MC, Jamonneau V, Bucheton B, Camara M, Vincendeau P, Malvy D Pathol Biol (Paris) 58(1):110-6
[One hundred and fifteen cases of imported falciparum malaria admitted at the Bordeaux teaching hospital Emergency Unit] 2010 Pillot Debelleix M, Receveur MC, Pistone T, Lesaine E, Faure I, Gabinski C, Malvy D Med Mal Infect 40(2):88-93
[Paederus dermatitis: A retrospective study of 74 cases occurring in 2008 in Guinea-Conakry] 2010 Vanhecke C, Malvy D, Guevart E, Laloge V, Ezzedine K Ann Dermatol Venereol 137(3):189-93
[Time trends in demographic and clinical characteristics of adult patients on HAART initiation in West Africa] 2010 Bashi J, Balestre E, Messou E, Maiga M, Coffie PA, Zannou DM, Ba-Gomis O, Traore HA, Eholie S, Minga A, Sow PS, Bissagnene E, Dabis F, Ekouevi DK Med Mal Infect 40(8):449-55
A lower risk of dying from urological cancer in Down syndrome: clue for cancer protecting genes on chromosome 21 2009 Satgé D, Sasco AJ, Day S, Culine S Urol Int 82(3):296-300
Accuracy of WHO CD4 cell count criteria for virological failure of antiretroviral therapy 2009 Keiser O, MacPhail P, Boulle A, Wood R, Schechter M, Dabis F, Sprinz E, Egger M Trop Med Int Health 14(10):1220-5
An imported case of Chikungunya fever from Madagascar: use of the sentinel traveller for detecting emerging arboviral infections in tropical and European countries 2009 Pistone T, Ezzedine K, Schuffenecker I, Receveur MC, Malvy D Travel Med Infect Dis 7(1):52-4
Availability of antimalarial drugs and evaluation of the attitude and practices for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria in Bangui, Central African Republic 2009 Manirakiza A, Njuimo SP, Le Faou A, Malvy D, Millet P East Afr J Public Health 6(3):292-5
Avascular osteonecrosis of the femoral head in three West African HIV-infected adults with heterozygous sickle cell disease 2009 Eholie SP, Ouiminga M, Ehui E, Nzunetu G, Ouattara SI, Konan AV, Anglaret X, Bissagnene E Antivir Ther 14(7):1011-1014


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