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High HIV vulnerability of ethnic minorities after a trans-Asian highway construction in remote northern Laos 2012 Slesak G, Inthalad S, Kim JH, Manhpadit S, Somsavad S, Sisouphanh B, Bouttavong S, Phengsavanh A, Barennes H Int J STD AIDS 23(8):570-5
HIV in prison in low income countries 2012 Angora B, Assemien Jd, Laurent A, Febro V, Coulibaly-Offia M, Masumbuko JM, Kakou RA, Traore VE, Eholie S, Brucker G, Lacoste D, Raguin G AIDS 25(9):1244-6
HIV Status Disclosure and Retention in Care in HIV-Infected Adolescents on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in West Africa 2012 Arrive E, Dicko F, Amghar H, Aka AE, Dior H, Bouah B, Traore M, Ogbo P, Dago-Akribi HA, Eboua TKF, Kouakou K, Sy HS, Alioum A, Dabis F, Ekouevi DK, Leroy V PLoS One 7(3) ):e33690
HIV treatment and care in resource-constrained environments: challenges for the next decade 2012 Eholie SP, Aoussi FE, Ouattara IS, Bissagnene E, Anglaret X J Int AIDS Soc Aug 22;15(2):17334. doi: 10.7448/IAS.15.2.17334.
Intermittent HIV-1 viremia (blips) and virological failure in a cohort of people living with HIV from São Paulo, Brazil 2012 Ibrahim KY, Recordon-Pinson P, Malvy D, Fleury H, Segurado AC AIDS Patient Care STDS 26(9):512-5
Interventions to improve the performance of HIV health systems for treatment-as-prevention in sub-Saharan Africa: the experimental evidence 2012 Bärnighausen T, Tanser F, Dabis F, Newell ML Curr Opin HIV AIDS 7(2):140-50
La prise en charge du cancer du sein au Niger : connaissances, attitudes et pratiques des professionnels de santé non médecins de Niamey, Niger, 2010 2012 Mamane A, Bhatti JA, Saves M, Alioum A, Jutand MA, Hadiza-Jackou D, Tessier JF, Dabis F, Malvy D, Sasco AJ J Afr Cancer 4:156-163
Management of uncomplicated malaria in febrile under five-year-old children by community health workers in Madagascar: reliability of malaria rapid diagnostic tests 2012 Ratsimbasoa A, Ravony H, Vonimpaisomihanta JA, Raherinjafy R, Jahevitra M, Rapelanoro R, Rakotomanga Jde D, Malvy D, Millet P, Ménard D Malar J 4(2):135-6
Maternal CD4+ cell count decline after interruption of antiretroviral prophylaxis for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV 2012 Ekouevi D, Abrams EJ, Schlesinger M, Myer L, Phanuphak N, Carter RJ PLoS One 7(8):e43750
Mean CD4 cell count changes in patients failing a first-line antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings 2012 Calmy A, Balestre E, Bonnet F, Boulle A, Sprinz E, Wood R, Delaporte E, Messou E , McIntyre J, El Filali KM, Schechter M, Kumarasamy N, Bangsberg D, McPhail P, Van Der Borght S, Zala C, Egger M, Thiébaut R, Dabis F BMC Infect Dis 12:147


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